How often do women actually take out time for themselves, just themselves? Recently there is a much talk about show on Netflix- ” The fabulous lives of Bollywood wives” the women in the show were actually living their lives. I don’t really know how real was it but I am sure every women who watched the show thought to herself can really the life of a woman can be so self centered and what about the age at 50 can a woman be really so free and relaxed , I mean I cannot even leave the kitchen for two minutes if I have kept the milk to boil and these women literally went on a tour away from the family , and what about the guilt o leaving the kids alone wo will look after them etc. See just the thought makes us worry so much that we start believing that Oh! it was just a show. All this does not happen in real life. even if it does then the women are different not to the common woman. But who actually makes a woman common. Is a woman so common that all she needs to do is just take care of the household stuff? The moment she finds out time for herself she feels guilty because she has an entire family to take care of and taking care literally means staying worried continuously.

Why can’t this common woman be anything but just happy for some minutes everyday? Why can’t she have some minutes in a day in when all she has to do is live her passion without any interruption and mind it rarely a women ever said that all she loved doing when she was girl was cooking.

It’s not “a woman” who says that cooking isĀ  the only thing that she has to do but it is “the woman” who tells her that once you are married everything is secondary the only priority is to cook , cook for the family feed them and feel the happiness that you will witness when everyone enjoys the meal cooked by you.

I mean going by that logic all girls are sad because they hardly cook in their parents home and the moment they get married they become happy because the happiness lies in cooking and taking care of the family. But is that the reality ? No every woman who had been cooking and taking care of the family is of course considered to be happy but what about the thing that she loved to do when this cooking business was not bestowed upon her. May be she loved reading , may be she loved dancing , may be she loved singing, may be she loved playing guitar wasn’t these things used to make her happy?

What is wrong in continuing to live with your passion? In fact if one continues to do the things that help one distract the mind from the regular usual stuff for some times. The truth is that she was able to follow her passion/ hobbies earlier because then there was time in her life which does not exist any more just for herself.

The fun fact is that if every woman starts taking out some time for herself in which she can start following her passion/ hobby that she loved to do before getting trapped in to the vicious circle of worrying for family and kids the same woman can become more lively , energetic and happy because then the there will be no time for her to get trapped in to the negative thoughts that continue to haunt her mind whenever she gets free for some time.


Tip#1 – Start reliving your hobbies and passion, take out some time in the entire day just to do things that you love and are solely dedicated to you they might or might not be affecting any other family member but they will surely help to relax your mind and over come the anxiety that has made a home in your mind.

Remember how you loved dancing, how you loved singing, how you loved reading books, all these hobbies can still be in your list all you have to do is dedicate some time to them. The time that is only yours and then by spending this time by doing what you love to do you will feel rejuvenated and restored. There is nothing to feel guilty about dedicating few minutes to yourself. We often tend to focus on our physical fitness but then we forget that the control center of our body is our mind so it is very important to keep it activated and peaceful.

Thus a few minutes of exercise for body and few minutes of dedicated time for hobby will make you physically and mentally fit

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